Pair of Climbing Hydrangeas - Hydrangea petiolaris
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Pair of Climbing Hydrangeas - Hydrangea petiolaris

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Product Description

Climbing Hydrangea Plants are easy to grow and produces lots of lacy white flowers in summer.

They will thrive even in a shady inhospitable spot

Perfect for climbing up fences and walls

Lovely fresh green foliage turning butter yellow in autumn.

Climbing hydrangeas really are a star plant in the garden.

A climber that will grow where many other plants fail, such as a shady north wall.

Also does very well in easier positions, beautiful plants look great covering fences or pergolas

Heart-shaped, fresh green leaves, turn yellow in autumn

Masses of lacy white flowerheads appear in summer

Two plants, supplied at around 50cms talls in approx 1-2 litre pots.