Hardy Kiwi Berry Plant
  • Hardy Kiwi Berry Plant
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Hardy Kiwi Berry Plant

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Product Description

Hardy Kiwi berry is a self-fertile plant so it will happily grow alone; the fruits are hairless unlike traditional kiwis, meaning they can be eaten whole and don't require peeling.

The fruits are smaller than traditional Kiwi fruit but produced in large quantities.

The plants are fully hardy, and tolerates temperatures down to -15C

Produces sweet, hairless fruit

No need to peel


Produces heart-shaped foliage

Summer blooming climber, fragrant flowers appear from June

Berries are ready to harvest in September

For best performance plant in full sun

At maturity can reach height of 6m and spread of 4m, but can be kept to 2m by 1m with annial pruning

Supplied in a two-litre pots

Full planting and aftercare instructions provided